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Behavioral Studies

Behavioral factors are critical to understanding the impact of the JUUL System on the overall population of current tobacco product users and nonusers. We have developed an extensive behavioral research program that includes assessments of adult JUUL System purchasers and general population samples.

Epidemiological surveys track patterns of tobacco product use among adult JUUL System users, including their prior cigarette smoking history. These assessments include measurements of complete switching from combustible cigarettes to the JUUL System and, for adult smokers that are still using combustible cigarettes, reductions in the number of cigarettes consumed. We also assess perceptions of the potential risks associated with the use of the JUUL System and other tobacco products among both users and nonusers.

Within our behavioral research program, data on over 100,000 survey participants has been collected and analyzed.

Switching studies

Assessing complete switching from combustible cigarettes among adult smokers who purchased the JUUL System

The JUUL System has the potential to transition adult smokers away from combustible cigarettes by offering a sufficiently satisfying alternative nicotine delivery system.

Two parallel longitudinal studies of adult smokers assessed complete switching from combustible cigarettes to the JUUL System 12 months after purchase. Participants were all adult smokers who, at the start of the study, reported smoking in the past 30 days, smoking 100 or more cigarettes in their lifetime, and smoking “some days” or “every day”.

Across both studies, more than 50% of adult smokers reported complete switching at 12 months.